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Finally, Real Relief from the Scorching Summer Heat & Humidity - Wherever You Go!

by Eric Milton  10.10.2020


I’m a definate man who loves various outdoor activities, such as planting flowers in my backyard, strolling with my wife in the parks, enjoying the natural environment with birds, animals and fresh air…. But in summer, the high temperature seems to bring too much restrictions to me.

In the summer, the weather of 100℉ happens often that makes me afraid of going out, having less chance to communicate with exterior world. While coincidently when I talk to my friend who’s an aerospace engineer, he saw me in a hot sweat and so gave me a small device, putting it on my neck and saying it can cool me down. To be honest, I doutbed wether it can work for me, I decided to try it out of respect.

To my surprise, this gadget really reverses to my doubts. After wearing it for few hours, I had no sweat, feeling very comfortable! Even I wear it to go out, I feel my sweet reduced a lot. With better breathing, I felt my seasonal allergy symptoms also relieved in fact, which allow me even my family to have more chance to have funny outdoor activities.

What is it?

It’s Blast Personal Fan , a small AC unit that can be worn comfortably around the neck. This device provides a steady, cool environment that can be enjoyed by the wearer. It provides a natural way to cool down your body. The device they designed is very comfortable to wear and will bring heat relief just seconds after turning it on! It quickly cools and cleans the warm air around you and turns it into a fresh, refreshing breeze.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors. And it’s energy efficient: one charge will bring 30 hours of cool air.

What Makes The Blast Personal Fan So Unique?

Why Do You Need One?

There are billions of people who are exposed to uncomfortably high temperatures around the world every single summer. In our room, we can rely on air condition to make us feel cool. How about outdoor? Luckily This decice saved us in a torrid weather, which can even make us feel cool and comfortable outside.

The relief that it provides is profound and dramatic. It can literally be the difference between being completely miserable on a hot summer’s day and being very comfortable.

What Else Can The Blast Personal Fan Do?

It can do way more than you think!
Stop being irritated by a runny nose and constant sneezing. The device reduces pollutants from the air around you so you can finally enjoy a cough-free day.
When your body is battling high temperatures, your mental focus declines. Cooling down your body helps increasing your focus.
Without excessive sweating you can finally sit back & relax.

What Do People Say That Already Use It?

“I wasn’t sure that the wearable AC would actually help me to stay cool, but after trying it once, I can say that it really does. It’s comfortable to wear and it just provides you with a nice stream of cool air. ” – Mary G.

“Just Received mine. I didn’t expect this thing to be so powerful. I find the Blast Personal Fan to be an essential part of my day. I liked it very much!” – Jason L.

“Starting to get hot out and I use these when seating at home to cool off my body. My family borrows it also to get some relief from the heat. Its very flexible and comfy around neck, last a good time. You can also travel with it bc its portable. Im sure it will come in handy when feeling over heated or flushed. Its stylish too! ” – Mark K.

How Much Does The Blast Personal Fan Cost?

The retail price of the Blast Personal Fan is a mere $138! And again, we can stop talking here and it would still be a fantastic device for an incredibly affordable price, but it goes farther as the device is currently on sale, pushing its price a farther 50% down, to just $49 with free shipping.

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Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

The time to buy the Blast Personal Fan is definitely now, this 50% off discount won’t last long and it’s selling like crazy.

The Blast Personal Fan is more than worth it even before the discount, and with the extra free shipping there is literally nothing else that needs to be discussed.

Whether you want to keep cool, and comfortable during really hot days, indoors and outdoors this device is for you.

Where Can I Buy The Blast Personal Fan?

Get your The Blast Personal Fan from the official website here.

UPDATE * – Blast Personal Fan is selling out FAST and available online only. For a limited time, take advantage of a special promotion and get Blast Personal Fan for a special price from the official website.Ever since the Blast Personal Fan was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first‑time‑buyer 50% discount.

About the Author:

Eric is a business consultant with a love for the latest tech, innovations and breakthroughs. He typically covers stories about exciting new tech products.

Stay Cool with Blast Personal AC


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