Police K9 Trainer Discovers a Quick Fix for Controlling Dogs’ Behavior

by Eric Milton  10.10.2020


This amazing device gives anyone the power to stop their dog from barking.

Police dog trainer Scott Wilson has been around dogs his entire life. Having worked for the past 7 years as a police dog trainer, he’s dedicated himself to forging strong connections between canine and man. Even though barking is natural for dogs, situations can arise where even the most patient dog lover can be pushed to their limits. Scott explains how the BarxBuddy was able to help him out at home with a very disruptive neighbor.

Although I work with larger dogs in my career, I’ve always loved the smaller breeds. I was jealous when the family next door brought home a cute Beagle named Charlie. Another addition to their growing family. Jim and Cindy had a 5-year-old named Liam. I was glad to see their little guy would have a dog to play with.

At first, everything seemed perfect. I knew Beagles had a reputation for barking, but I wouldn’t say Charlie’s behavior seemed excessive. But that would gradually change. Liam was put into daycare and Jim and Cindy were seemingly away from home more often.

Suddenly I was hearing Charlie barking his head off all the time. Whenever I let my dog Max out into the yard, Charlie would bark. When I went outside to sit on my deck, Charlie would bark. Passing cars, doorbells, voices in the distance, birds, a squirrel on the fence… It didn’t take much to set him off.

It got so bad I could hear Charlie barking while he was inside their house! It didn’t seem to matter whether his owners were home or not.

I felt bad because I knew that much barking could be hurting his vocal cords. He seemed to be barking for longer durations than normal.

As a professional trainer, I know how tough it can be to teach a dog proper obedience. I knew I had to help my neighbors deal with the problem.

The thing is, I’m used to working with some of the smartest, most elite dogs on the planet. How embarrassing would it be if I couldn’t get their little doggy to fall in line?

Proper training takes a lot of time and energy, and unfortunately, I just didn’t have enough time in my schedule to take on the responsibility. I also knew that Jim and Cindy led pretty busy lives themselves as working parents with a small child.

I had to come up with an easy way for them to train Charlie and break his bad habits. Unfortunately, it was obvious that neither one of them had much experience dealing with dogs.

As much as the barking was driving me mad, I would never suggest the use of a muzzle or an cruel electrified collar.

Professional dog handlers rely on whistles and clickers to command dogs’ attention and control behavior. I started to wonder if something like that would be effective for Charlie.

Charlie required a lot of discipline. I considered the idea of introducing them to a dog whistle for training. But dog whistles can be frustrating for everyone involved if you don’t use them correctly.

They needed something incredibly simple that could help with obedience training right away.

And that’s when I discovered BarxBuddy online.

BarxBuddy is a handheld device that emits an ultrasonic 30,000 Hz frequency capable of capturing any dog’s attention. It’s 100% harmless to their ears and inaudible to humans. The push-button operation makes it easy to use. And I liked that it even included a built-in LED flashlight and an infrared ray for more intense visual training. It was perfect. I ended up ordering three from the company’s website (2 for them, one for me). Once my purchase arrived, I went over and paid my neighbors a visit.

Not surprisingly, Charlie went bonkers when I knocked on their front door. Cindy opened the door while grabbing hold of Charlie’s collar and trying to hold him back. She looked worn out as she yelled at him. “Knock it off, Charlie. Stop barking already!”

As Cindy began to apologize for the dog, I could hear Liam crying in the background. She appeared completely frazzled. And that’s when I pulled out one of the new BarxBuddy units I intended to give them.

“I have a present for you guys,” I said. I turned on the BarxBuddy and pointed it at the dog.

As soon as I pushed the button, Charlie stopped barking. He looked up at me with a puzzled expression. He was finally silent.

Cindy was amazed. “What is that thing and how do I get one?” she asked. I presented her with one of the BarxBuddy units.

“Consider it a little gift, from one neighbor to another,” I said.

“Again, I’m so sorry. This little doggie has been a handful.” She appeared to be tearing up with emotion as she said it.

Cindy invited me in, and I gave her a rundown on how to use the BarxBuddy properly. I explained how it’s not a punishment device, but rather a high-tech training tool. About 10 minutes later, Jim walked through the door. Once again Charlie began barking up a storm. I gestured for Cindy to try using the BarxBuddy.

“Point it at the dog, press the button and wait for him to stop,” I said calmly.

She did and Charlie immediately quit barking.

Jim and I exchanged pleasantries before he asked. “Did that remote control make Charlie stop barking?”

“Yep.” Don’t worry, I got one for you, too.” I handed him the second BarxBuddy. A few seconds later, Charlie started to bark again when he heard someone outside. I showed Jim which button to push.

After pressing the button, Charlie settled right back down. Jim looked at me in shock.

“That is totally incredible. You are a lifesaver.” He grinned.

I explained how BarxBuddy is useful for gaining a dog’s attention without causing them any harm. “This little device will make your obedience training much easier. It’s perfect for anyone, especially new pet owners without much experience.”

About a week after my visit, the family stopped by with an update. I could tell they were happy. I had been hearing Charlie less and less.

Apparently BarxBuddy worked so well that even the sight of the device was enough to command Charlie’s attention. The barking was finally under control.

They confided in me that some of our other neighbors had filed complaints months ago about the noise. They were hopeful that BarxBuddy could save them from having to deal with any more complaints or fines.

Jim and Cindy also mentioned that at one point they had considered the sad possibility of getting rid of Charlie altogether. It felt good knowing I was able to keep their little family together.

Cut to 3 months later, and it’s like Charlie is a brand-new dog. He’s friendly, playful, and almost never barks.

I must say, BarxBuddy worked wonders. It is the fastest and easiest-to-use device I’ve seen for capturing any dog’s attention. It doesn’t matter what size or breed they are.

Why Does BarxBuddy Work So Well?

BarxBuddy is simple and safe because it relies on ultrasonic sound. Frequencies that are too high for humans to hear, but very noticeable to dogs.

Although it is designed to grab your dog’s attention, it does so at a comfortable volume. You never have to worry about it hurting your pet.

Not only is BarxBuddy good for stopping excessive barking, but the device can be applied to any unwanted behavior:

  • Chewing
  • Begging
  • Making messes
  • Jumping up
  • Digging
  • Aggression

You can change your pet’s bad habits with the push of a button. And it’s completely safe to use.

Use BarxBuddy anytime you notice your dog doing something you don’t want them to do. Announce your command, then point the BarxBuddy at them and press the button until they stop. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget to reward your dog when they listen to you. It is important to reinforce their positive behavior. Always have plenty of treats on hand.

BarxBuddy is the tool you need for fast, effective training. Anyone can use it.

And BarxBuddy doesn’t just assist in correcting your own dog’s bad behavior. You can use it on any approaching dog that you don’t trust. It has a higher frequency mode that will stop an aggressive dog in its tracks. And the built-in LED can be used as a flashlight when you’re out at night.

It Works on All Kinds of Dogs

I ended up showing this off to my friends, coworkers, and fellow dog owners down at the local off-leash park. Before I knew it, everyone was asking where they could get one. So far, the list of breeds that BarkBuddy has been successful in helping (from my own personal experience) includes the following:

• Cocker Spaniels

• French Bulldogs

• Pit Bull Terriers

• Dobermans

• German Shepherds

• Border Collies

• Dachshunds

• Golden Retrievers

• Jack Russel Terriers

• Mixed breeds

• And more

I ended up becoming a big champion of the BarxBuddy. The response I got from people in the dog community was overwhelmingly positive.

Surprisingly, I did have someone tell me their dog didn’t respond to the BarxBuddy at all. However, I later found out that their dog was 14 years old and very deaf!

Where to Find BarxBuddy

Are you ready to try BarxBuddy for your dog? You can get one by visiting the official BarxBuddy website.

The last time I checked, the company was offering a special deal for new customers. If the deal is still on, I wouldn’t delay in ordering one (or more) right away!

Update: BarxBuddy is currently offering a 50% OFF sale for all new customers, but I’m not sure how long this deal will last.

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